Welcome,to the HybridSpecies musical "prophecy" website.I am Denny C. Shylocke,and basically,I am the HybridSpecies. The music and ideologies displayed here are testimony of years of reasearch into science and theological facts and theories.But mostly the music,note by note is good old 3 or 4 chord rock n' roll.From the rockabilly and doo-wop '50s,psychedelic '60s, and '70s glam and punk.
       This isn't the first musical project I have had with a paranormal/theological subject.I was fortunate enough with my past project,The Hybrids,a name I picked up from a great "book"
called THE UMMO PAPERS.We will get into what THE UMMO PAPERS are all about later.I was blessed by my gods and goddesses(yes plural)that one of the final things the Hybrids got to do was appear in a feature in UFO Magazine featuring "UFO rock n' roll bands",or bands one way or another using UFOs as a subject of basis.The greatest thing was my favorite and most important author/prophet in the UFO/UFO occupant world was also featured in that issue,Zecharia Sitchin.
        The Hybrids opened for Iggy Pop once,a punk rock/70s glam idol,and I was honored,but Zecharia Sitchin is a MOST important figure in the truth of UFOs,E.T.s and our beginnings.So,let's get to know Mr.Sitchin,and at the same time,get to know our immediate creators,the Anunnaki.