Majestic 12:
Incredible floods EVERYWHERE.Bizarre animal,fowl,and fish deaths all over.HAPPY 2011,RIGHT!!The main stream "sheeple" media is using the expression "doomsday",and the phrase "end of the world" with a smirk.Like Anderson Cooper when he was sarcastic about saying the scientists don't know anything,so why would we listen to them as I paraphrase.WELL Anderson,I like your AC360 show,you seem compassionate,but buddy,I can't trust a "scientist", who may be getting paid buy the people covering some unknown disease/man-made disease,or hiding some geological facts,like all the gasses put out by the very active volcanoes ALL over the world,and the earthquakes,one 7.3 in Pakistan today(1/18/11).I tell people," get your news from as many sources as you can,not just CNN,Fox,or MSNBC.BBC is a great source for "unbias" world news.Tie all these sources and you should find some truth,and man it is not pretty.

       AGAIN,I hate to be Mr."doom-and-gloom",but we live in some creepy times ,but I have too much faith things will be VERY good ahead,but sadly friends,the next few years are going to be dark.MEANING,YES,I don't believe the world is going to end,or "blow up" as I so astutely heard it put on Dec.21,2012.BUT some of us have different spiritual beliefs as others,and this brainless slur on a cosmic day of significance is MOST annoying.BUT this is interesting because the way the world economy is going the "end of the material world" WILL happen. Who can afford $4+ a gallon gas(it is $3.09 on1/18/11)?I use to chuckle when Alex Jones would talk about the "globalists",and them raising the price of everything back in 2005,but man,kind of hard not to be a bit nervous about the "future".Heck of a good time to get spiritual,don't you think?I imagine you will see a rise in ALL faiths soon.

       China's prime minister Hu Jintao met with with Pres. Obama today,and man, that country has been paying the bills for the U.S. Some day they are going to get mad and "demand there money back". I have heard how the Iraq/Afgan wars are just to take off the focus of China and Russia.REMEMBER,they both DO have nuclear missiles(China & Russia),no speculation there.

        Another Sitchin skeptic,Jonathan Grey,whom has great finding,yet supposedly asked Sitchin if he could see the clay tablets to be studied,I guess.Sitchin never responded to this request,and Mr.Grey says what was decipered by Sitchin may have been fabricated,or something to that effect.WELL, I have read the Necronomicon,and those deities are listed there.It was a folklore, using the names of the Anunnaki deites in power at that current time.Mr.Grey says Nibiru was actually Jupiter,and it was
named after a god.It was,Enlil,as he was Jupiter when the Anunnaki reigned over Rome.
Enlil as Jupiter2
Inanna as Aphrodite2
Enlil as zeus
Inanna as aphrodite
Enki as hades
Dumuzi as Adonis x
Dumuzi as adonis, aphrodite's consort
The Anunnaki deities
as Greek deities
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