As I was saying,there is WAY TOO much proof of the Anunnaki, as well as other E.T. species in SO MANY ancient cultures around the world.The great History channel series Ancient Aliens has helped spread these ideas to the more mainstream public.The most I have seen that has been "miscalculated" by Sitchin is the Nibiru orbit,but as I said,there are SO MANY different theories,like how some Anunnaki may come from the Pleiades,as in the UMMO papers.

     A MAJOR uprising in N.Africa,and the latest,Egypt being in the focus.SO MUCH political uprising around the world,and things here at home are a bit rocky as well,and with elections coming next year,I am sure things may get "loud".The Tuscon
Arizona shooting shows how people are losing there grip on their emotions.
      Japan,the 9.0 quake,and the endless perils that have continued to ravage them.And this has some to believe H.A.A.R.P.was used as a weapon(High frequency Active Auroral Research Program).H.A.A.R.P. can supposedly stretch part of the atmosphere (ionosphere),and snap it, like a sheet made of rubber.Were they trying to destroy Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant?And the concussion effect it what supposedly causes earthquakes and other "natural" disasters.

      And comet Elenin,or could it be Nibiru?FACT:SOMETHING(S) is going to be VERY close to Earth,VERY soon!It could be why so many Earth changes,as well as the solar flares from the Sun.And with this "comet",comes the tug & pull of gravity in space,and maybe another factor in the extreme pole shift,odd weather, earthquakes...
       SO, what is more believable in thse two theories,both?I have been called a "2012 nut",and I just state there has been a LOT of synchronicity,MANY events in the world,from natural to political,it is hard not to wonder.AND,as I always say,how much longer can "modern civilized society" go on destroying the Earth & each other for money,greed,and lust??

      I thought there would be a brighter future for the world once we entered the 21st century.WHAT HAPPENED?Where is the ambition to "evolve" as modern day humans,without destroying other life.I think after these MOST INTERESTING times,and IF we don't destroy ourselves and this Earth,whoever maybe left will be rewarded with a rich new world,and a chance to live right. Next 12 songer for
HybridSpecies," END TIMES?"

Enki as Vulcan2
Enki as Vulcan
Enlil as Jupiter2
Enlil as Jupiter
The Anunnaki deities as Roman deites
Rockabilly $hylockexxx 013
Inanna as Venus 1x
Inanna as Venus
Isis as Athenax
Isis as Athena
N ingishzidda as Mercury
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