Now,the first batch of Earthlings drowned in the deluge.And now the new "gold shield" atmoshpere on Nibiru was destroyed when Nibiru passed too close to Earth and Mars,which lost its atmosphere.So back to square one.And the humans that remained repopulated.Oh the story of Noah,true.Ziusudra was Noah's Sumerian name,received help from his Anunnaki father,Enki.He carried DNA from all breeds of animals.Some animals like sheep were brought in from Nibiru,along with seeds for crops.This time they marked the Middle East/N.Africa region(their first"landing sites")by building the pyramids.
There are numerous stories in history where the Anunnaki helped or harmed mankind.I urge you to check out for example Zecharia Sitchin,
Michael Tellinger,Lloyd Pye, and Earth-history websites for expanded ideologies about the Anunnaki.That just leaves the Delphohim,or the greys.Not much to say other than they likely hung around the Anunnaki
and helped them out from time to time.They may be inter-dimensional(MAYBE the Anunnaki as well),and some believe they may be from Zeta-Reticuli.The Delphohim are the greatest mystery in the extra-terrestrial world.
       Another theorist in the grand cosmos theory would be David Willcock.He believes in the theory of 57(give or take)different humanoid
varieties,our galactic ancestors and kinship.He doesn't believe in the Nibiru theory,he believes these galactic kin of ours live on nearby star systems.Some believe they are from the Orion's belt system(the Pleiades,
Sirius,and Orion).
Personally,I take a little from each of these mentioned writers .I believe in Nibiru,but I also believe in other Anunnaki-like species.
Then there are the reptilians.supposedly,these beings are inter-dimensional,they can enter our dimension,shape shift,and if you believe
in conspiracy theories,they may control the New World Order.
Well..........I give little credence to this story,because many sources have talked of the reptilians.All I can say is I will constantly update information through HybridSpeciesusa on Reverbnation and
HybridSpeciesUSA on facebook.
        So don't take my word for it exactly,check out this information yourself.As I said,sorry atheist, these are our "true gods and goddesses",our galactic deities.These immediate creators DO exist,and they and other species in the universe do not want us to destroy the Earth.But remember they have higher gods
       And I am sure we are to see very different times soon.Not Earth's end,nor man.Just the end of man's useless,greedy lusting ways.And this overly materialistic world must end.Or man will not live too much longer if mankind continues this trend.SO,enjoy the music,and indulge in this esoteric mindset.

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Nannar and the tree of life(note the horns on the crown,they are a "rank"
Inanna,known as venus and aphrodite,note the "scepters" she holds,marduk holds one as well. This may also represent Lilith, inanna's niece.
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